Back to Basics?

Across the centuries and around the globe, human beings have paid attention to subtle energy--intuition, inspiration, and extraordinary ways of knowing and perceiving.  The double helix form of DNA was gleaned in a dream.  When Handel finished composing the Hallelujah chorus, he is reported to have wept, saying 'I did think I did see all Heaven before me." Our project mentor and my long time teacher Ellen Tadd has a favorite quote from Emily Dickinson: "If I feel as though the top of my head is sawed off, I know it is a poem.  This is the only way I know." 

Though intellectual development is emphasized in many American schools, the school of life requires our creativity, emotional equilibrium, discernment and collaborative ability. We must attend not only to how we think and what we feel, but also to how we know. 

Tadd's Framework for Wise Education encourages attention to three areas of discipline on a daily basis: strength of mind, strength of body, and inner well-being.  

Health of body contributes to emotional well-being and clear thought. A healthy inner life supports wise decision making and helps rejuvenate the body.  A well developed mind helps us process our experiences, develop our skills and assess our needs, supporting inner harmony and physical strength. When one of these disciplines is missing development is lop-sided.  

Let's evolve "the basics" we attend to at school from reading, writing and arithmetic to body, mind and creative spirit.