Boys Can Dance, Boys Can Sing

Some years ago I taught a class called “Boys Can Dance.” The first iteration of the class was full within two weeks. Teaching that group of boys, I recall one in particular who went home after his first day of dance class and said to his mother, “this is my thing, mom!” His mom said to me the next week “we had no idea our son was an artist, but he’s an artist. We do sports In my family, but it turns out his sport is dance. We just didn’t know! It’s like understanding him for the first time! Thank goodness you had this class!”

I ended up deciding I needed to find a male to teach that class… Which I never did pursue. Too many other things going on in my life! But I think about it. I’ve known many boys that are dancers who don’t get the chance to let that part of themselves shine nearly enough or as often as the girls their age do.

When I taught middle school chorus, I spoke to all my students about the vulnerability of boys sharing their voices at a time when the voice is changing and maturing. We had a long discussion about how to support each other to feel safe to sing, free from teasing or derision or smirks, as we tuned our instruments.

We want young men to feel completely free to explore their masculine and feminine sides, to express and be their full, creative Selves, to let go of old stereotypes of “boyhood and manhood.”

Hello to whole, complete, radiant personhood....

And if you want to teach that class through Creative Lives, and you’re a male dancer...I’ll train you in our Ellen Tadd’s Framework and we will make it a thing!