Director’s Welcome:

A healthier environment, a more compassionate culture, a more peaceful global community -- these possibilities rest in the hands of our youth.

My deep desire is to help children flourish, appreciate themselves, and contribute their gifts. The educators and parents I know share this desire, as well as concern for the stressors in our culture and the impact they are having on our young. We note in particular the following patterns in American public education and home life that must evolve: 

  • Decades of swinging between:
    • Rigid models of teaching/parenting 
    • Overly progressive models 
  • Uneven allocation of resources for schools
  • Uneven attention to children's minds, health, and inner life
  • Overgeneralization--applying strategies that help some children to all  
  • Over-emphasis on standardized testing
  • Growing numbers of young children on medication 
  • Media over-exposure 
  • Unhelpful child-rearing practices
  • Lack of parenting education

Many of us have invested hours searching for solutions to the above concerns with colleagues, in bookstores, on-line, or at workshops and conferences. Ellen Tadd's Framework addresses each of the above concerns, allowing us to relax our search and focus our energies on developing shared understandings and root-cause solutions. 

Tadd offers a universally applicable set of guiding principles we can hang our hats on and apply in multiple ways:

  • A holistic checklist for covering essential learning at home/school
  • Individual assessment/progress evaluation
  • Organizing curriculum and teaching strategies
  • Life skills training and character development
  • Becoming our best as adults
  • Becoming pro-active collaborators on behalf our our young 

First and foremost, I find her Framework the most powerful means I know for developing individual potential and group potential -- including our own potential as educators. What we learn to give to ourselves, we can better impart to our children. 

I look forward to collaborating with you on applications of Ellen's work.

--Maureen Burford