If you are looking for a new way to think about education, this is it!

— School Counselor, Upper Valley, Vermont

Since 2011, Creative Lives has been developing applications of A Framework for Wise Education for educators, offering successful pilot trainings and workshops regionally:

  • Discovering A Framework for Wise Education

  • Addressing Root Causes of ADD/ADHD

  • New Frontiers in Classroom Teaching

  • Insight Out: contemplative education for classrooms and homes

If you are and individual teacher or a faculty ready to explore our approach, please get in touch, we are receiving applications to participate in a grant-funded beta-test of our workbook and training program in 2018-19, commencing in late September/early October. Learn more.

Read below what participants are saying about their experiences in our courses, and join our mailing list to stay informed about our upcoming opportunities to study A Framework for Wise Education:

In 25 years of continuing education, I have never been so moved. Great things will happen with this model of education!
— Pieter Bohen, CEO Emeritus, Farm and Wilderness Camps
“I hope this catches on like wildfire. It would be just so great! It is fabulous working with you and I wanted to compliment you on your great facilitation. It is not easy introducing new topics in a public school setting and you are so natural with it. Truly inspiring!” k-5 Ecology Teacher
— K-5 Science Teacher
“Maureen is an inspiration and a guide.”
— C. Holton-Jablonski, educator and parent