Creative LIves Director Maureen Burford receives the Lynne von Trapp Award For Exemplary Leadership in a Prevention Program for Children.

This award is given annually by the Vermont Children's Trust Foundation in honor of Lynne von Trapp, founding benefactor, board member and first Executive Director of the Foundation. The recipient of this award is selected each year from the recent grantees of the Vermont Children's Trust Fund by the Foundation and Lynne von Trapp.

The award recipient will have demonstrated s/he is:

  • a driving force in establishing or moving the program or organization forward.

  • responsive to and accurate in meeting the requirements of the Vermont Children's Trust Fund, including proposal submission, reporting and budget management.

  • a good ambassador for the Vermont Children's Trust Fund, both personally and through the work done by the funded program.

  • a positive and optimistic colleague to all.

I am both honored to be this year’s recipient of the Lynne Von Trapp Award and privileged to be a grantee of this wonderful foundation. Thank you, Mrs. Von Trapp and Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation, for all you are doing to improve the lives of children in our State.
— Maureen Burford

To learn more about the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation’s work and mission, click here.

The Inner Wellbeing of Children

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Ms. Burford—-I’ve been seeing a therapist for stress and anxiety for three years. I never knew I could find my own way out of it. Thank you, thank you for showing me how.
— elementary student after Framework meditation class

We have led seven pilot courses in contemplative education and life skills for 3rd grade students at the Marion Cross School in Norwich, VT, worked with middle school and lower school students at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH and Pawtucket School in Massachusetts. These have inspired and informed the contemplative education curriculum shared in our afterschool lab and programs for adults. Join our mailing list to learn of opportunities to bring our contemplative education work to your learning community.  

Every child in our school should be learning these skills.
— Wendy Thompson, 3rd grade educator, Marion Cross School, Norwich, VT

Ongoing Programs:
Creative Lives Afterschool Programs (CLASP) 

I love everything about CLASP! Things are just the way they should be.”
— E.C., 4th grade student

Creative Lives After School Programs use a lab site approach to apply Ellen Tadd’s “Framework for Wise Education”  -- a new, holistic approach to teaching and learning that integrates character development, physical activity, enrichment opportunities and academic support.  The Creative Lives Afterschool Programs are our primary lab for curriculum development.  

Our afterschool lab serves White River School, where the free and reduced lunch rate is between 53%. At any given time, between 12 and 14% of families are homeless.  Visit our Programs Pages to learn more!

Classroom Materials!

Our creative team is developing supporting materials for classrooms, including posters, affirmation cards, and musical selections. To support this work, you can purchase the following items right here on the website!

Inspiration Reflection: JS Bach, Sarabande from French Suite in G Major. 
Purchase a copy of this simple listening exercise for children.