I love everything about CLASP. Things are just the way they should be.
— E.C., 5th grade CLASP student, 2013


The Creative Lives After School Program uses a lab site approach to apply Ellen Tadd’s “Framework for Wise Education”  -- a holistic approach to education that includes character development, physical activity, enrichment opportunities and academic support. CLASP is located at White River School in White River Junction, Vermont.  

I love coming to CLASP!
— kindergarten student, 2015

At CLASP, we help our students understand the role that focus plays in navigating their lives (and how to cultivate focus), how healthy attitudes strengthen self-esteem, what it really means to want the best for another (and how to practice this in daily life), how leaders must also be followers...

Over time, we find children can make these tools there own, and apply them as they move forward in their lives. As they develop and strengthen, children can meet challenges with resilience and wisdom. Visit Stories from the Field to learn more!

CLASP students have: helped build the community garden and labyrinth behind White River School; hosted dances and community suppers; and shared their music, art, shopping displays, and history projects in downtown White River Junction!

CLASP has become an integral part of our school community. I don’t know what we would do without it.
— Sheila Powers, WRS Principal

CLASP emphasizes experiential, individualized education that helps students explore their passions while working to master new skills and knowledge. 

Some mainstay areas of discovery include―

  • Gardening & Nutrition

  • Restorative Ecology

  • Creative Science

  • Community and Outdoor Adventures

  • Fine Arts

  • Sports

  • History of Place

  • Life Skills Training (including contemplative education)

  • Cooking

We work with local businesses and our community to create adventures in learning both on site and off that connect children with the natural world, cultural experiences and the many ways people around them contribute to life through their work.

Harvesting food to share...

Harvesting food to share...

Connecting with families and the community around us is important at CLASP.  We host regular dinners prepared by the children and staff and educational opportunities for families including parenting courses, healthy cooking and gardening.  At CLASP we are all growing and learning together.


WRJ: 2:50-5:30 pm daily. 
The day includes a mainly organic and often hot afterschool snack; outdoor time; enrichment and freeplay time; and opportunities to venture out into the community!

The costs of attending CLASP, with our numerous enrichment programs, are subsidized in part by grants, allowing us to offer our enrichment programming for $16 per day, or $80 week for five days per week. We offer reduced rates for multiple children from the same family attending and seek to turn no family away due to financial constraints.


Please begin by applying for a childcare subsidy from the State of Vermont Department of Children and Families. The income guidelines and criteria for qualifying and the on-line application are accessible HERE.

If you need assistance, but do not qualify for State support, please submit a sliding scale application. You will need to mail or bring this, along with proof of income (page 1-2 of your 2016 tax return, and a recent pay-stub) to school. Our scholarship funds are somewhat limited — apply as early as possible!

 Please send us an email to add your name to our mailing list or to request more information now.