We are thrilled to announce our
2017 Creative Lives Summer Camp
World Story Exchange

July 3 - August 4th

Registration is limited to 25 campers per session, so sign-up early!
White River School students have priority placement
in July camps through March 31st only. 

Join us for all or some of our wonderful weeks of fun:

SPLASH  - Youth Leadership
July 3-7
9-4:30 pm at White River School in White River Junction, VT
Swim only option: 1-4:30 pm
with Hannah Jeffery, Autum Siegler, Karen Ganey, and Marcia McNally

The ideas and creativity of children are an important part of community well-being. Campers will have opportunities to discover a project they are passionate about that contributes to their local environment or community well-being, and then have some fun creating and designing. Avenues for creativity are the community garden, storytelling and theater, cooking, or art and science projects. We'll share our work with families and friends at the end of the week, and have time each afternoon to enjoy the water at the Hartford Pool in White River Junction.

SING – The Global Village
July 10-14
9-4:30 pm at White River School
in White River Junction, VT
Afternoon-only option: 1-4:30 pm

with Hannah Jeffery, Karen Ganey, Autum Siegler, Marcia McNally and World Story Exchange (Lindsay and Scott McClure Miller afternoons)
The performing arts are for everyone! Join us this week as we we explore song, dance, theater, staging, and film, while creating a production to share with friends and family. Every child will find the area that most sparks them and contribute their talents and ideas to our final show. Any child who wishes to perform will have an opportunity; children who prefer behind-the-scenes creativity will be supported in props making, set, costume, mask making and other aspects of the design process!  

THRIVE - The Natural World
July 17-21
9-4:30 pm at White River School
in White River Junction, VT
Hannah Jeffery, Karen Ganey, Elisabeth Cadle, Autum Siegler, and World Story Exchange (Lindsay and Scott McClure Miller)
Campers will have the opportunity to dig deeply in the garden, explore soil science, geology, biology, sculpture building, labyrinths, biomicry and more! The natural world is a cornucopia of inspiration as we look at design patterns in nature: packing and cracking, meandering symmetries, trees, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, fractals, tessellations, and stripes.

We'll consider soil science in relation to the health of our human bodies. We'll think about patience and thoughtfulness in human life relative to geological timing (a young rock is still thousands of years old!). We'll consider how human design can mimic nature in considering not only what's best for the designer, but what serves the community and the natural world as well.  

EXPLORE - Tinker, Build & Design
July 24-28 at White River School in White River Junction, VT

9-4:30 pm
Grades 1-6

July 31st-August 4th
9-3:30 pm at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH
ages 9-13 (register for this course at the Crossroads Academy website)

with Hannah Jeffery and World Story Exchange (Lindsay and Scott McClure Miller)
Using nature’s designs as inspiration (spiraling, packing, cracking, meandering and more), we’ll let our imaginations run free as we work with a variety of materials to create, build and design.

Sculpture with wood and clay, mechanical materials, cardboard,
natural objects, mechanical parts, and tinkering toys such as legos, kinex, snap-circuits will be available to create with. In the afternoons, we'll take field trips to explore design at local farms, and other cool sites in the upper valley! 

Payment Information:
If paying tuition on-line, in full, presents a challenge, you may send in a deposit check of $60 o secure early-bird pricing (for each week of camp you are requesting):
Creative Lives
PO Box 23; Thetford, VT 05074
Remaining balances are due by June 1st.
Families receiving State Subsidies must submit only one $50 deposit by check (which covers reservations for any or all weeks). Your deposit will be reimbursed when your child begins camp.


Did you know?

Research on out-of-school learning programs reveals that summer support is as or more critical than afterschool support.

Having a safe, healthy environment for children in need over the summer weeks can make all the difference in their inner and outer well-being and in their success during the school year.

We find that when children have the support to develop age-appropriate skills, their self-confidence soars and their collaborative ability strengthens as well.

We are actively fundraising for both afterschool and summer programs!  Please consider making a donation today, and partner with us in helping children thrive.