Our Mission

Creative Lives affirms that each child is innately good, with a unique potential for learning, contribution and fulfillment. It is our mission and vision to help young people thrive, develop their character and reach this potential as adults -- by attending to the development of their minds, the health of their bodies and environment, and nurturing their inner lives and creativity.

What We Have Accomplished

Creative Lives develops tools, practices and curriculum that promote a holistic approach to education and offers services and supporting products for educators, parents, and youth:

Creative Lives Afterschool Program at White River School (CLASP)
Our afterschool enrichment program uses a lab site approach to apply Ellen Tadd’s “Framework for Wise Education”  -- providing education that includes character development, physical activity, enrichment opportunities and academic support.  More than 600 students and family members have been served to date as we have:

  • Established a community garden and outdoor classroom.

  • Enlisted the help of dozens of volunteers and community partners.

  • Trained over 40 staff members and interns.


  • 100% of regular attendees in our afterschool programs are able to use Framework-based tools and strategies to help them improve their focus skills and discernment. With the diagnosis of “ ADD/ADHD” so prevalent in young children, this is significant.

  • Creative Lives partners with the Hartford Recreation Department to support Summer "Ventures" Camp, serving 80 students per week for eight weeks of programming.

  • CLASP has been recognized in the Vermont Step Ahead Recognition System for excellence in childcare.

My child has simply blossomed since attending CLASP!”
— M. Bissette, CLASP parent

Contemplative Education         
We have taught more than 262 children Framework-based meditation and life skills in our pilot workshops at local schools and conferences and in our afterschool lab.

Every child in our school should be learning these skills!
— W. Thompson, 3rd grade educator, Norwich, VT

Workshops and Courses for Educators
Creative Lives has offered programs in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New England introducing A Framework for Wise Education to more than 280 teachers, and community leaders. 

This is a new way of thinking about how everyone learns that really makes sense.
— A. Super, CLASP staff member

Adventures in Teaching and Parenting
In 2016 we introduced "Adventures in Parenting: Addressing Root Causes of ADD/ADHD with our partner, The Family Place, in Norwich, Vermont.

I now meditate every morning using (a Framework) technique and have found it to be immensely helpful in setting me up for my day...My son now utilizes tools/techniques for getting focused before reading (where he has struggled in the past) which allows him the ability to get into a “zone” where he is less distracted and able to stay focused for longer periods of time. In addition, I have found him to be more disciplined in some of his daily habits (as have I), requiring less requests/nagging from me to get things done...the possible avenues this work could take are truly endless.
— C. Nolan, parenting course partitipcant