Since 2011, Creative Lives has been developing applications of A Framework for Wise Education for educators, offering successful pilot trainings and workshops regionally, including:

  • Discovering A Framework for Wise Education

  • Addressing Root Causes of ADD/ADHD

  • New Frontiers in Classroom Teaching

  • Insight Out: contemplative education for classrooms and homes

Read below what participants are saying about their experiences in our courses, and join our mailing list to stay informed about our upcoming opportunities to study A Framework for Wise Education:

In 25 years of continuing education, I have never been so moved. Great things will happen with this model of education!
— Pieter Bohen, CEO Emeritus, Farm and Wilderness Camps
Maureen Burford is an inspired, dedicated, and extraordinary teacher—and teacher of teachers. Decades of experience in music, theater, education, and contemplative discipline have seamlessly merged into Tadd’s framework for teaching and professional development.
— Steve Glazer, Middle School Language Arts, Crossroads Academy
“I hope this catches on like wildfire. It would be just so great! It is fabulous working with you and I wanted to compliment you on your great facilitation. It is not easy introducing new topics in a public school setting and you are so natural with it. Truly inspiring!”
— Karen Ganey, Ecology Teacher
“Maureen is an inspiration and a guide.”
— C. Holton-Jablonski, educator and parent