These are the tools I wish I had learned as a child!
— Bonna Wieler, parent and educator

Adventures in parenting:
Addressing Root Causes of ADD/ADHD

New dates for this course will be announced in September, 2019.

Parents of children struggling with focus have special concerns, and often witness their child’s self esteem plummet as they progress through school--Adventures in Parenting takes a deep look at the skills needed to navigate and mitigate struggles with focus and attention at school and home.

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“In the first week, my son had a breakthrough in how he understands the concept of focus!”
— E. Cottage, parent
This course taught me about being more relaxed, focused and present so I can be the best version of myself for my son.
— T. Lamika, parent and teacher
Over the 3 months, I was able to incorporate many of the teachings and observations this experiential course delivered into my daily life and into my son’s (diagnosed with ADHD) life. I now personally meditate every morning using Ellen’s technique and have found it to be immensely helpful in setting me up for my day and decreasing the feelings of anxiety I often experience as I get myself and my family out the door each morning. In addition, my son now utilizes tools/techniques for getting focused before reading (where he has struggled in the past) which allows him the ability to get into a “zone” where he is less distracted and able to stay focused for longer periods of time. In addition, I have found him to be more disciplined in some of his daily habits (as have I), requiring less requests/nagging from me to get things done.

Maureen’s style of teaching and Ellen’s Framework work hand-in-hand; Maureen is calm, funny and truly endearing, sharing her personal story in ways that make this work very accessible and she is easily able to connect Ellen’s framework to real-world applications. Certainly, I can see this work being delivered in a multitude of settings, not the least of which with child groups. For people of all ages to be exposed to the ideas of slowing down, thinking before acting, using forgiveness, creativity and inspiration in their lives on a daily basis and to find the meaning behind our emotions so that we can react in productive ways would truly be a gift that would impact individuals, families and communities in a positive way. The possible avenues this work could take are truly endless.

I could write on and on about this topic but I will end with this: Ellen and Maureen’s work is truly impactful and can make a difference in people’s lives that will endure – child or adult alike.
— C. Nolan, parent